Why does Terrell Davis deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame?

I had the privilege of watching every game TD played. If you ever watch videos about the TD’s life story it’s very compelling, and a real testament to his character. Due to an injury in his final season at Georgia, he slipped down the NFL draft to the seventh round when Denver finally took a chance on him.

Initially there was nothing obvious about TD that suggested greatness. Just before an exhibition game in Japan, TD almost called it quits on his NFL career, and was reflecting hard about what he was doing with his life. However, he decided to give the game his best shot and not give up on his life’s dreams. He didn’t know it then but his life was about to change forever. During a preseason game whilst playing on a special team play, TD delivered such a big hit, that it made every coach and first team player sit up and take notice, proclaiming “Who was that?” That play opened the door to opportunities with the first team. TD didn’t waste his chance and quickly gained the confidence of both John Elway and the coaching staff. Not only was it obvious he could run the football but he was arguably one of the very best blockers to have ever played the game, something many people fail to realise the importance of.

TD was an incredible running back and his stats back that up:-

Terrell Davis
Height: 5′ 11″ Weight: 210 lbs Age: 44
Born: 10/28/1972 San Diego , CA
College: Georgia
Experience: 8 Seasons
Hall of Fame Induction: 2017

1,655 total carries

7,607 total yards

4.6 avg yards per carry

60 touchdowns

TD had two Super Bowl appearances and the team won both of them. His playoff record (including those 2 games) puts him in elite company. He played eight total playoff games, won seven and lost only one.

In an article written some time ago others have realised what I did at the time, that he was simply one of the greatest clutch players of all time:

In his two Super Bowl appearances he put in two incredible performances in their own right. He was named the MVP in Super Bowl XXXII and made a strong case to have been named the MVP in the following Super Bowl a year later. That was John Elway’s final game though and who can argue that Elway won it?

Davis also recorded 21 rushing touchdowns in his 2,000 yard season, the only 2,000 yard rusher to do so. Davis had reached the 1,000-yard mark just seven games into the season. People forget he also sat out of six quarters of play, being rested late in games. What could he have achieved with an extra three games?

It annoys me when some experts claim he’s an NFL network favourite or a product of a system. That he didn’t play long enough to be a true great. They really haven’t researched the man. I was lucky to have watched every game he played, and still have all the tapes. I know how much all his team mates loved him. John Elway and Shannon Sharpe both said that without TD there wouldn’t have been any Super Bowl rings. That tells you everything in my mind.

It’s sad that his career was cut short by injury, and although he tried to come back he realised he would never be the same and retired.

Simply put Terrell Davis is in elite company, no matter how you break his career down and was very deserving of his Hall Of Fame entry on August 5th this year.

I for one have been banging the drum for TD for years and am delighted that he has made it to where he belongs. Alongside the greats in the Hall Of Fame.

One day soon I will make the pilgrimage to Canton, Ohio, as I promised to do once TD made it in. When I finally get to look down on his bust, I will salute him and thank him for all the great memories.

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